Transnationalism and Feminism

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.14.07 PM

The discussion of women in A Book of Common Prayer we had in class today inspired me to do some research on women in the transnational world.

The painting above conveys the struggle for feminists in a globalized world to come together and cause change.  The two different women depicted are both symmetrical and opposite, one red and one blue.  There seems to be a sort of beam coming from their hair going up threw their brains and then beyond.

Transnational feminism has been hard to achieve because of the dominance of Western feminism.  However, if transnational feminism were able to come to fruition real social progress for women would be able to be attained.

Through combined international thinking a real solution to misogyny and sexism can perhaps be dimmed.

Thanks, Eliza Mitnick

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